About us

We love beautiful images. We love working with people. We love laughing. And although the word 'We' sounds like a  huge company… we are not. We are just two people, interested in personal growth. In work. In life. We love to work hard and enjoy nice projects with nice people! And hopefully by doing more projects together, we develop working relationships where the work gets better and better….

Our backgrounds and talents are pretty different. What we have in common is that we started working in the field of digital image manipulation and high-end retouching almost 25 years ago.

One thing you should know about us before you walk in our Personal headquarters. We have an open cage with two Boa Constrictors. Sorry, we’re just teasing you; at Personal we do everything to make you feel at home.

And if you’re too busy to come down or to fly in, we’re very much used to working online… whatever works.

As we say at Personal®: relax, everything will be all right.
Let’s do something together.